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Terry Belhumeur

Terry Belhumeur was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada. Shortly after graduating he was offered a job as a seasonal fishing guide with Barney Lamb at Ball Lake Lodge, a move which would lead him into the world of professional guiding/outfitting. This was the start of what would become a full time career. Except for a couple of months in fall at which time Terry runs a very successful waterfowl operation ( he can be found guiding fishing trips or in the USA promoting his product.

A few years ago Terry discovered that he did not have to travel to the far north to catch monster size fighting fish. They were plentiful within 20 minutes of Winnipeg at Lockport on the Red River. The river is famous the world over for its production of large cats, 34 to 42 inches, but it is not heavily fished. After guiding for a few years Terry has decided to offer charters to those avid fishermen who wish to test their strength against these shallow water giants.

If you have ever thought of doing a fishing trip where catching a master angler sized fish is the norm, rather than the exception, then you should email Terry at or give him a call 204-795-5433 to book your next fishing adventure.

Gord Cybulski

Gord Cybulski was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has been an avid fishermen/hunter for as long as he's worn long pants. His mom and dad started him right having taken him out hunting and fishing since before he could shoot a gun or reel in a big fish. For the last 35 years he has been chasing monster channel cats on the Red River and his words are "it never gets old". Whether he is guiding for Absolutely Canadian Outfitters or just out fishing with his friends, he never gets tired of hauling in those 25+ pound giants. You can be sure that he will go that extra mile to make sure your fishing charter is a world class success.

When fall roles around you can be sure Gordy has his 10 gauge polished and loaded and that he is chasing geese or ducks somewhere in Canada. He usually starts in Alberta and gets back here in time for our first guests to start arriving. His goal is to make sure every one of our guests goes home with a great story to tell as well as all the geese they are legally allowed to take. It would be hard to find another guide who would treat you better while you are here in Manitoba, Canada.

As for hard water fishing, Gordy has landed approximately 69 trophy walleye over 28 inches, many in the 14 pound class. He is always prepared to take you to exactly the right place to land that big one. This past winter Gordy has added a 51 inch Northern Pike to his long list of master anglers he has landed. If you have tried the rest it is time to now come and fish with the best. You won't be disappointed. You can drop Gord an e-mail at

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